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Tale of Two Operating Systems: Developing Apps on Android and iOS


In this rapidly changing world economy, you need some good pointers to make a splash in your market. You may accomplish this through smart and targeted app development. App development is a fantastic skill for business owners. Thus, it is important to understand the differences between the two main operating systems for smartphones: Android and iOS, especially when it comes to app development.


When budgeting your time for iphone app development brisbane, you have to consider how long it will take to code and get the app running in the first place. iOS has Android beat in this regard. iOS has its own programming language, Swift, and everything on the operating system runs in this language. Android, however, is open source.

There is little standardization, which means that there's a slew of different devices, components and software fragmentation that you would have to keep in mind as a developer. Android's storefront doesn't require as much vetting as Apple's, and if you don't particularly care for the sleekness of Apple, Android may be a good investment.


As discussed earlier, Android is open source whereas iOS is not. This creates a marketplace of features and programs you can add into your Android apps. Instead of focusing on the pre-constructed Apple architecture, you can mix and match functions and tools within the app, making it arguably easier for the average business making a simple app to improve customer service.


While this post is hardly exhaustive, these differences are imperative for business owners and app developers wishing to make their splash in this changing, digital global economy.