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What's The Difference Between iOS And Android App Development?


Differentiating Between iOS and Android Development

Android is an Open-Source operating system that mostly uses Android Studio IDE along with Java and the Android SDK to develop apps. On the other hand, iOS is a closed platform with lots of restrictions. Their app developers use Xcode IDE with the iOS SDK to develop apps.

Cases For Android

Android has more users who are mainly found in Asia, Africa, and South America. Generally, Android app development is more expensive than iOS. Android offers its app developers more flexibility in customizing their apps and better app testing frameworks. However, with such freedom comes the cost of the susceptibility of the applications to be pirated and malware-infected. Publishing an app in the Playstore Store takes a shorter time due to Google's short duration in testing possible bugs in the applications.

Cases For iOS

Despite being fewer, multiple research has shown that iOS users generally spend more per-user than their Android counterparts. This could be in purchasing the apps, subscriptions, or in in-app purchases. If your interest as a developer is to make money, iOS won't disappoint. Most iOS users are located in Europe, Australia, and North America. Application development in iOS takes over 30% less time as compared to Android. Their closed nature makes iOS to be perceived as more secure than Android.

It is advisable for app developers to stick to one platform, and once it picks you can move to the other. The cost of app development is high if you opt to go for the two at once.

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