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In 2020 the mobile app turned 12. From its humble beginnings of 500 to choose from, to the nearly 5 million apps available today, the mobile app has changed the way we spend our day. 5 billion mobile users scroll thru and download mobile apps every day. Apps help us do everything. From shopping to home remodeling, there is an app for it. But not all apps are created the same or come from the same place. With an approximate 2.6 million Android, and 2.2 million iOS apps, The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store dominate this “apptastic” digital life. They are the top runners in the world of the mobile app. But what makes an iOS app different from an Android app? The answer is as easy as the language they speak. Android apps are built with Java and Kotlin using an open-source code. Using Google guidelines for development, they have access to countless features, but take time to create making them a costly endeavor. iOS apps are built with Swift, which requires writing less code, making them faster to create and less expensive. But they are created using closed source codes causing heavy restrictions, less features and they only work on Apple devices, So apps may look the same, but they just don’t speak the same language. Ironically, Android currently holds the most significant global platform share and broader audience, while iOS apps have more engaged users. So, as you can see its Apples to Androids in the world of the mobile apps. The choice belongs to the digital world and the language they speak. See iphone app development brisbane to know more.